Insurance Agent Resume Objective Examples

By | April 21, 2016

Where insurance agent resume objectives are concerned, you do not really have a choice. You have to write an objective if you want to open your resume in a dramatic fashion. Even if drama is not your personal style, make it so, as you do not have much choice where resume writing is concerned. As a document that is dry at best, resumes seldom hold any appeal for anyone, even hiring managers who are on the lookout to hire people they really need. For them, a resume is just a means to an end – no matter how boring a resume is, hiring managers do read them!

Why not make things easier for prospective employers by opening your resume in an interesting manner, while articulating your capabilities in a few sentences as well? It works. Resume objectives are lethal weapons that can be used to fight your way to a job that you have wanted to obtain for a very long time. And this weapon is best used in its shortest form – a mere 3 sentences are enough to get your point across. Do not be fooled into believing that long, detailed objectives will work better than their shorter counterparts. The basic idea about writing a resume objective is to say all that you have to say in the shortest possible space.

For examples on how to effectively write a resume objective, refer to the list of samples below:

Insurance Agent Resume Objective Examples

• Dependable and results-driven Insurance Agent seeking a position at AAA Insurance by providing benefit of deep insight into prospecting clients, determining their insurance coverage needs and providing them with viable solutions.

• Looking for an Insurance Agent position at BT & T Insurance by employing exceptional expertise in customizing insurance plans according to each client’s individual coverage requirements.

• Desire a position as an Insurance Agent at Colorado Insurance. Offering proficiencies in making prospecting calls, handling follow-up calls and providing professional risk management advice to existing and new clients.

• To work as an Insurance Agent at Challenge Financial by using over 5 years of experience in developing marketing strategies to obtain clientele and providing them with coverage and risk information to meet individual requirements.

• To obtain employment as an Insurance Agent at Smart Financial Solution. Eager to apply proven abilities in conducting insurance reviews for clients to identify a range of suitable insurance coverage products, aimed at ensuring client satisfaction.

• Looking for a position as an Insurance Agent at Halo Credit Union by applying exceptional expertise in proactively soliciting and marketing insurance plans and assisting customers in determining their insurance coverage needs.