Entry Level Financial Analyst Resume Objective Examples

By | July 10, 2015

What a cover letter does for a candidate, a resume objective does for a resume – and that is to break the ice. As an introduction to a resume, an objective statement is deemed necessary, especially if it is the first job that you are applying for.

Resume objectives are written at the top of the resume (right under the contact information), and they are the first things that employers read. This is why it is important to write them well – they form that all-important first impression that is so dreaded by all of us!

Writing a resume objective is no rocket science, but it does need some amount of thought. What goes into an objective?

The anatomy of an object is simple; what do I have that I can use to make your life easier. That is how it works. It edicts information regarding what an employee can do for a company that will result in:

• Increased revenue
• Amplified customer base/customer satisfaction
• Improved procedures
• Streamlined processes

And a lot more. By reading the objective, an employer gets a fair idea of how well-suited the candidate is. A good resume objective will urge the reader to pay close attention to the rest of the resume – a not so well-constructed one will make him lose interest.

Here are a few examples of resume objectives for an entry level financial analyst position:

Entry Level Financial Analyst Resume Objective Examples

• Seeking a position as a Financial Analyst with First Niagara using exceptional know-how of analyzing expenses and budget variances and handling recommendations for adjustments.

• Looking for a Financial Analyst position at IBM. Demonstrated expertise in developing, implementing and analyzing activity-based costing structures and handling inventory reconciliation duties.

• Desire a job as a Financial Analyst at McKesson. Offering deep insight of business objects, SAP, and corporate financial analysis.

• To obtain a Financial Analyst position at Business Solutions. Familiar with conducting technical accounting research and preparation of financial reporting modules.

• To work for AMN Healthcare as a Financial Analyst. Eager to apply expertise in guiding cost analysis processes by establishing and enforcing correlating policies and procedures.

• Looking for a position as a Financial Analyst at Coke. Offering deep insight into increasing productivity by analyzing business needs and developing automated accounting applications.

• Desire a Financial Analyst position at Robert Half. Bringing expertise in identifying trends in financial performances and providing improvement recommendations.