Babysitter Cover Letter Sample and Tips

By | June 8, 2015

Sending a babysitter resume along with a cover letter has become a norm in today’s job industry, and employers expect a cover letter with job application materials.

Although babysitter cover letter writing seems to be a great hassle at times, it is quite purposeful and worth the effort.

A cover letter not only serves as a source of candidate’s introduction but it also presents an opportunity for the candidate to match their skills with the employer’s needs.


Babysitter Cover Letter Tips


Adding personality traits is a must when it comes to cover letter writing. Utilize the space to express your personal and professional strengths that cannot be covered in the resume in a personalized manner.

Build an Impression

Strong beginnings and strong closing help in building a compelling cover letter. Uniquely begin your cover letter and close it with confidence. Mention your follow-up plans to reflect your level of interest in the position.

Below is a sample cover letter for babysitter resume.


Sample Cover Letter for Babysitter



Fiona Martin

921 Earnest Ave • Richmond, VA 78450 • (004) 555-6524 •

March 16, 2018

Mr. Nelson Benjamin
HR Manager
78 Ashley Lane
Richmond, VA 78450


Dear Mr. Benjamin:

I learned about your need for a babysitter with interest as my qualifications exactly complement your requirements for the position. I am eager to make the most of my talents to contribute to your dynamic team

My professional strengths highlighted below demonstrate why I am a front-runner for the position.

• Highly dependable and vigilant individual who is fully capable of supervising kids of all ages

• Well versed in child care, feeding, toilet training and housekeeping

• Adept at assisting school going children with their homework assignments

• Excellent listening skills with proven ability to tackle with frustrated and upset children

In addition to the qualifications mentioned above, I am CPR and BLS certified and have a clean medical and driving record. My interest in childcare is deep-rooted as I possess ample knowledge of developmental needs of children belonging to various age groups. Being a creative and cheery person, I find it very easy to make up spontaneous stories and devise on the spot fun and learning activities to keep children engaged and channel their energies positively.

I am confident that my skills and experience in the field of childcare will be an asset to your clients. I will call your office on Friday to confirm your interest in this application. Meanwhile, feel free to contact me at the phone number mentioned above, if you have any questions regarding my background, experience, and education.

Thank you for your time and consideration, and I look forward to hearing from you.


Sincere regards,

Fiona Martin

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