Baking Assistant Cover Letter Sample

By | June 26, 2015

An all-purpose cover letter for the baking assistant position usually starts with yawn-inspiring openings that can only be termed as blah.

And you can well imagine the future of blah cover letters. Dim, dark and dismal. And what is the point of writing a cover letter like this if we know that the future will be extremely dark? None!

Cover letters need to be bright, with promises of a great future – of the company and the candidate. While the latter may have to be toned down a bit, the former can be trumpeted as much as desired.

Telling an employer what you can do for them to make their company soar to the sky is the best way of catching their attention. But you cannot do this if you do not show off a little bit.

After all, it is YOU who has to take the company to new heights, so you have to be kind to yourself and brag a little.

Modesty is not a virtue where bakery assistant cover letters are concerned. If you are modest in self-praise, employers tend to think you have no talent. So praising yourself a little is essential if your goal is to get into the company and add to its success.

The following cover letter sample for a baking assistant position will provide you with an idea on how to do this:


Baking Assistant Cover Letter Sample



March 16, 2018

Mr. Julius West
Bakery Manager
The Pantry
3746 Kyles Lane
Covington, KY 41937


Dear Mr. West:

The distinct aroma of baking and the world of fondant and butter-cream beckoned me to start thinking seriously about making a career in baking. Following this passion, I now possess an Associate Degree in Baking and Pastry Arts from The Culinary Institute of America. At this point, I would like to become part of The Pantry – from where this passion of mine took birth ten years ago.

Traditional baking is not for me – I have always prided myself on my unique baking style and the ease with which I can carry out great baking projects. With the strong familiarity of creating health and specialty bread, desserts, pastries, and confections, you will find me inimitable where my work is concerned. Let me bring your attention to a couple of my achievements in the past year:

• Created a 22lb, 6 tiered Dora, and Diego themed cake with 17 flavors for the birthday party of the twins of a member of the British royalty.

• Invented a unique recipe for cake dough for weight watchers which became instantly famous, raising sales by 66%.

As a baking assistant at The Pantry, I can offer you much more than this. You might want to reach me first on my cell phone, (222) 222-2222 but I plan to call you at the end next week to set a time to sit down and chat.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



Jenna Rupert

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