Medical Billing Manager Cover Letter Sample

By | August 17, 2015

What is the presentation criterion of a cover letter for medical billing manager postion? Maximum message readability. And how can this be achieved? By writing a cover letter the likes of which have not been received by an employer before. Employers remember you by your cover letter – if your cover letter is a successful storyteller, your image will be etched in the reader’s mind. And that is what you intend to achieve (initially) by sending in a cover letter.

Attention grabbing cover letters have one thing in common – they use powerful words to tell their story. Using bold and italic fonts to emphasize on your abilities is a great way of telling the employer what you have in you that is uncommon. Skills and personal characteristics need to be made obvious in your content. If you are applying for a position where dependability is highly needed, you might consider mentioning all the security clearances that you have. Also mention any additional languages that you know, especially if you are applying for a job that will require you to communicate with people from different regions.

If you are applying for a medical billing manager position, you should be able to highlight your knowledge of the procedures and protocols that are particular to medical billing. You must also mention your supervisory and leadership skills. Here is a cover letter sample for a medical billing manager position to help you write one:

Medical Billing Manager Cover Letter Sample


August 16, 2015

Mr. Harris Pole
Manager Human Resource
382 Ely Avenue
Bronx, NY 93331


Dear Mr. Pole:

Capitalizing on my success managing medical billing department of different healthcare organizations, I am seeking an opportunity where my leadership skills can benefit your facility.

As you review my resume, you will discover that my previous experiences effectively parallel the skills set that you require from a medical billing manager. For someone who thrives in an atmosphere of challenge and excitement, I know exactly how to handle the trials of leading teams to manage medical billing and coding activities.

Specifically, my qualifications include:

• Track record of overseeing and leading the operations of the billing department with special focus on coordinating modules such as medical coding, charge entries, claims submissions and payment postings
• Documented success in handling reimbursement management activities and performing follow-ups on delinquent accounts
• Adept at auditing procedures to monitor efficiency and implement measures for improvements

Because my skills are best explained in person, I would welcome the opportunity to meet with you, to further mitigate how I can help smooth out the operations of your medical billing department. I can be contacted at (333) 333-3333 for any further information required.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



Gwen Paltrow

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