Child Care Provider Resume Sample

By | April 15, 2016

Deciding just what to include in a Child Care Provider resume is probably the most difficult thing to do. Let us make it easy.

Only relevant information needs to be emphasized in a resume. In fact, the entire reason for writing a resume is to place emphasis on how good you are in child care. You should mention that how your education, accomplishments, skills and work experience directly relates to the needs of prospective employer.

And this is what the following resume sample does:


Child Care Provider Resume Sample


Diane White

460 Sheldon Avenue ● Fairchance, PA 36511 ● (000) 111-7474 ● diane.white @ email . com


Professional Summary: Nurturing and compassionate individual with hands-on experience in supervising children and effectively handling their needs both cognitively and emotionally. A self-starter who efficiently creates and implements core child care plans to meet the individual developmental goals of each child. Track record of instructing children in health and personal habits including eating and physical hygiene. Demonstrated ability to identify signs of emotional or developmental problems and address them appropriately.


Child Supervision Schedule Development Hygiene Instruction
Special Needs Assistance Behavior Management Meal Preparation
Activities-based Learning Child Development Safety Management
First Aid Program Development Discipline Maintenance


Child Care Provider
NCH Healthcare System, Fairchance, PA (6/2013 to Present)

• Assess each enrolled child to determine their mindsets and develop care programs to meet those needs
• Implement individually based programs to meet each child’s social, educational and cognitive development needs
• Ascertain that the environment is completely safe and hygienic so that children can thrive properly
• Create and implement age-appropriate activities to facilitate learning and educational opportunities
• Engage children in indoor and outdoor activities to help them meet set goals
• Monitor students to gauge any signs of distress and address their problems in an immediate fashion

Key Accomplishments
• Integrated a child with special needs into a regular class by assisting him in learning life skills and teaching him to survive unaided
• Created and implemented a series of child care plans to meet the varied needs of children from diverse backgrounds

Child Care Provider
AA Company, Fairchance, PA (3/2011 to 6/2013)

• Supervised students during the day to ensure that they are safe and healthy
• Determined each child’s nutritional needs and assisted kitchen staff in preparing correlating meals
• Assisted students in partaking their meals and see to their personal needs such as toileting
• Regulated children’s rest periods and ensured that discipline is constantly maintained
• Evaluated each child’s progress and created correlating report to gauge their headway

Key Accomplishments
• Introduced a special diet plan involving organic food only for all enrolled children to help them meet their dietary needs
• Made the entire institute accident proof by designing the interior according to the rules set in the Maria Montessori book

Child Care Group, Fairchance, PA (1/2008 to 6/2013)

• Monitored children while their parents were away to ensure their physical and emotional wellbeing
• Assisted older children with homework and provided school run support
• Handled meal preparation and fed young children according to timings set by their parents
• Planned and organized creative age-appropriate activities for children under care
• Observed children to determine signs of distress and communicated any findings to parents or guardians

St. James High School, PA – 2008
High School Diploma