Construction Carpenter Cover Letter Sample

By | July 27, 2015

Construction carpenter cover letters are an essential marketing tool and serve as your first introduction to the prospective employers.

Sometimes writing a cover letter for construction carpenter position is a more time-consuming task as compared to a resume. However, the time you spent well worth it.

Below are two useful tips in this regard.

Easy Readability

Employers are more likely to consider you if your cover letter is easy to read. Therefore, use reasonable sized font, simple and straightforward language and to the point content.

Meeting the Employer’s Needs

Insert bullet points in your cover letter to help recruiter see your core competencies quickly. It is advisable to enlist your skills and competencies as per demands of the employer.

Below is a sample cover letter for construction carpenter resume.


Construction Carpenter Cover Letter Example



Robert Jones
765 Yale Ave
Seattle, WA 56773
(006) 444-9898

June 21, 2018

Mr. Oliver Grant
HR Manager
88 North West Square
Seattle, WA 56773


Dear Mr. Grant:

It is with continued interest and enthusiasm that I respond to your recruitment posting for a Construction Carpenter.

My expertise lies in developing and installing high-quality insulations, roofing, sidings and patio hard-scaping. Whether working on construction projects or demolition sites, I enjoy my work with dedication. My passion for woodcraft led me into this profession and I bring to each project a blend of technical expertise, architectural vision, creativity, and finesse.

My expertise and technical strengths are an exact match to your current needs. I offer the following traits:

• Accurate skills in marking, measuring and cutting wooden materials for construction purposes.
• Efficient in comprehending construction blueprints and generating cost estimations.
• Well versed in the installation of false ceilings, window/ door frames, and drywall insulations.
• Expert in demolition planning, scaffolding, and slate roll roofing.
• Thoroughly knowledge of safety guidelines applicable to wood and construction work.

My track record of delivering high quality finished products coupled with the ability to stay up to date with latest trends in constructional carpentry render me exceptionally qualified for your upcoming innovative mega constructional project in Seattle.

To discuss my qualifications further, I will call your office by the end of this week to set up an interview date and time. Thank you for your time and consideration.



Robert Jones

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