Fast Food Cashier Cover Letter Sample

By | July 27, 2016

As opposed to the drab document that was once part of the job application set some years ago, a cover letter can now be anything the writer wants it to be – except offensive, that is!

One more thing that a cover letter should not be is too honest. Yes, we do mean what we wrote here. While honesty is appreciated everywhere, there is such a thing as providing information that the employer will not be willing to read. After all, what he doesn’t know won’t hurt him, right?

Right! If, for instance, you have been fired from a job, have a shady background, or cannot hold relationships well, a prospective employer does not need to know. Of course, you will have to be honest if you are explicitly asked but if you haven’t been asked, do not offer this information. Anything negative in a cover letter can mean disaster for you.

Cover letters are about “all good things” so always strive to keep it that way. Talk about aspirations, plans, experiences, and qualifications. Provide a rosy picture of who you are and leave the dark areas untouched. Here is a cover letter for a fast food cashier position that does this:


Fast Food Cashier Cover Letter Example



524 Peter Street
Pulaski, NY 05144

March 16, 2018

Mr. Roger Davis
Hiring Manager
5622 South Avenue
Pulaski, NY 40321


Dear Mr. Davis:

All the previous (and current) slogans of Subway including Play Hard, Eat Fresh, The Place Where Fresh is the Taste and Eat Fresh can only be taken seriously if the people working at the organization are faithful to their work. This focus on quality is evident from the fact that Subway is still the leader in providing fresh sandwiches and salads to its loyal customer base. I would like to become part of your organization as a Cashier, and take your vision for faithful customer services and quality food forward.

As a dedicated fast food cashier, my experience lies in more than just processing payments and balancing cash drawers. I am aware of the expertise that is required to handle food preparation activities and provide exceptional customer services at Subway.

My experience in a similar role at Timmy’s has me well-prepared to work in a position that requires the ultimate in multitasking. Over the years, I have mastered the POS for automated order taking and can handle currency and credit transactions promptly and accurately.

If you are looking for an individual who needs minimal training in handling cashiering services in a fast food environment, then your search ends here. I will be in touch so that a meeting time can be arranged soon. In the meantime, you can reach me at (000) 124-8591.



Angela Lander