Restaurant Cashier Cover Letter Example

By | August 22, 2015


Uncovering an opportunity in a job market is a challenging thing to do. And it is even more so if the opportunity is a hidden one – that is, one which is not advertised. But even for advertised positions, it is sometimes difficult to determine what to do, especially when you are writing a cover letter. Self-marketing is the crux of a cover letter which is why there is so much emphasis placed on writing it well.

Your cover letter has to show some smooth moves and it can only do that if your writing skills are something to write home about. Professional language and strong words can do wonders for your chances to reach that very important interview stage. Ordinary language on the other hand, may just kill your chances completely. Employers get “ordinary” every day – they need “extraordinary” from time to time so that they can fill in places that require extraordinary people.

Unfortunately, unique cover letters are few and far between. And this is why at the mere glimpse of a unique one, employers jump up and take notice. Would you like to be the one to be commended on your cover letter writing skills? Yes? Refer to the cover letter sample below before you begin writing your own.


Restaurant Cashier Cover Letter Sample


Pete Maley
32 M. 6th Street
Maurice, LA 78781
(000) 874-7741
pete @ email . com

August 22, 2015

M. Deena York
Restaurant Manager
The Food Company
2893 Hill Street
Maurice, LA 77203


Dear Ms. York:

Your job posting states that you are looking for a dynamic cashier who can also handle all other facets of a restaurant that boasts of constantly high customer volume. With a diverse background in working as first a host and then a cashier for big names like The Big Fish, Nando’s and Captain Cook, I believe that I fit the description quite seamlessly.

With an impeccable track record of providing exceptional customer services and flawlessly managing POS systems in a restaurant environment, I will be nothing short of an asset for The Food Company.

If you look at the parity look at my qualifications, you will find a great fit between my abilities and your requirements:

● Well-versed in using restaurant-specific POS systems, including BIM POS and CashFootPrint
● Documented success in ensuring return business through exceptional customer services delivery
● Functional knowledge of handling cash reconciliation
● Special talent to ensuring that discrepancies do not arise

I believe that this pretty much sums up my abilities and how I can use them to provide operational benefit to your restaurant. I will be on Hill Street (to attend to some personal matter) on Monday and will look in on you. If you have time, we can sit and discuss how I can contribute to your restaurant. In the interim, you may reach me at (000) 874-7741.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



Pete Maley

Attachment: Resume