Restaurant Cashier Interview Questions and Answers

By | June 25, 2016

Looking sharp and doing your research is the highest favor that you can do to yourself when appearing for an interview.

The problem is that you can look sharp and research deeply and still end up in the doghouse. The good news is that you can do a lot of other things to make sure that your interview is conducted without you getting the jitters.


Showing enthusiasm during an interview can be difficult since most of us are quite scared at the prospect of not doing well.

But if we don’t show enthusiasm, we can appear disinterested and end up losing our chances of working in our dream jobs.

Apart from dressing well and showing enthusiasm, it is imperative to listen properly and answer only the questions asked. If you do not listen intently, you risk not providing the right answer.

To augment your answers, provide specific examples – vague stories of how well you performed in a previous position gather no further interviews or interest.


Make sure that you do not ask questions unless you have been given specific instructions or permission to do so.

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There, you are set! Here is a set of questions and answers that you might need to look through before appearing for an interview for a restaurant cashier position:


Restaurant Cashier Interview Questions and Answers

How is a restaurant cashier’s work multifaceted?

Cashiers working in restaurants do not only process cash and credit transactions for services rendered and food items sold. They also handle a huge part of other restaurant work such as taking and preparing orders and handling customers’ complaints.

What makes you an excellent choice to work as a cashier at our restaurant?

I believe that I am an excellent choice to work for you as a cashier as my skills are an amalgamation of cash handling and food services.

Also, I have the capability of operating popular POS systems and can efficiently balance cash drawers. Additionally, I am well-versed in taking and preparing orders and managing follow-up on takeaways and deliveries.

Tell us of a time when you were presented with a situation where your mettle as a cashier was truly tested.

The cash drawer that I was handling showed a discrepancy of $5000, even though there was no such problem when I closed the drawer a shift earlier. After 13 hours of trying to figure it out, I managed to come up with the solution that it could only be a software error. And the experts confirmed it. This was a truly harrowing time for me.

What do you consider good customer service in a restaurant cashier role?

I believe that if I do my job correctly and do not mind going the extra mile, good customer service is a given. Paying special attention to processing payments accurately and ensuring that orders are delivered on time, results in increased customer satisfaction.