Restaurant Cashier Resume Sample

By | August 22, 2015

The rigors of time and technology have led us to pay even more attention to resume writing than we did before. Full-design resumes, however, still rule. Plain text ones on the other hand are not favored much, unless your resume is required to go through an ATS which specifically requires you to write your resume in plain text.

In all honestly, plain text resumes can be a pain to write. New age technology has hotwired us to work with designs. This suits some employers very well – others, not so much. So for people who are applying for a position that requires them to be creative, a colorful resume makes sense. For corporate types, a full-design one will do. Following is a sample of a full-design resume for a restaurant cashier position:

Restaurant Cashier Resume Sample

Gregory Pole

(999) 999-9999 ● gregpole @ email . com


Customer Service / Cashiering / Communication

PROFESSIONAL SUMMARY: Customer service oriented with 3+ years’ experience working as a cashier in a restaurant environment. A people and task oriented professional with a solid ability to build strong relationships with both customers and coworkers.

• Skilled in establishing prices of goods and services and tabulating bills by performing transactions on calculators and cash registers
• Demonstrated ability to maintain clean and orderly checkout areas
• Adept at providing customers with information on restaurant services and ensuring that they are seated comfortably
• Knowledge of monitoring checkout stations to ensure that have adequate cash available at the beginning of each shift


Customer services Cash management Reconciliation
Monetary reporting Stocking and inventory Record keeping
Transactions management Drawer review Cost-cutting measures
Service-focused Food safety Credit card validation


Restaurant Cashier | MYSTIC LAKE, Greenwell Springs, LA | 5/2013 – Present
• Greet customers as they arrive and ensure that they are seated properly
• Count cash at the beginning to each shift and ensure that there is sufficient change available
• Ring up customers’ bills on the POS and make sure that taxes are added to the final bill
• Print final bills and place it in bill holders, ready for the waiter to deliver to the customers
• Receive cash or credit cards and process transactions, ensuring that proper change is tendered and credit card receipts are delivered to the clients
• Respond to customers’ questions regarding restaurant policies and assist in resolving their complaints
• Bag, box or wrap currency and coins after counting them properly
• Ascertain that the cash drawer is balanced at the end of each day and handle any discrepancies immediately
• Compute totals of transactions made in a week or month and record them in reports
• Fill in for waiters / hosts in the event of absenteeism or high volume of work

• Streamlined the cash management procedures by implementing a reminder system which rang alerts when cash (for change) was running low
• Implemented a reconciliation system that automatically reconciled discrepancies in the cash drawer

Host | NORDSTROM, Greenwell Springs, LA | 1/2012 – 5/2013
• Greeted customers as they arrived and asked for their seating references
• Provided menus and informed customers about the day’s special
• Assisted in choosing food items by providing information regarding ingredients and nutritious values
• Took orders and relayed them to the kitchen
• Followed up on orders and delivered them to customers’ tables
• Rang up bills in the POS system or assisted cashiers in ringing up bills
• Received cash in exchange of services rendered and tendered change
• Assisted in reconciling cash registers at the end of the day
• Ascertained the cleanliness and maintenance of the restaurant

• Retained an important customer (who provided the restaurant with a monthly business of $6500) by providing exceptional customer services during a particularly stressful situation of dissatisfaction
• Resolved a particularly difficult to spot discrepancy in the cash drawer which saved the restaurant $5000 in lost cash

Diploma: GREEN SPRINGS HIGH SCHOOL, Greenwell Springs, LA – 2009

723 Palm Drive ● Greenwell Springs ● LA 63823