Cleaner Cover Letter Sample

By | July 27, 2015

A cover letter for a cleaner position is usually written to show interest, to highlight relevant skills, and to ask for an interview.

The key to effective Cleaner cover letter writing is keeping these goals in mind and upon completion, reviewing the letter to check whether or not it addresses the above-listed objectives.


Below are some important and helpful considerations about effective cover letter writing:

Place yourself in the employer’s shoes

Consider that you are a busy employer, willing to hire a candidate for a cleaning position, and have hundreds of applications. What kind of cover letters will catch your attention? Now write your cover letter on the same criteria.

Highlight the skills that set you apart

It is essential to remember when writing your cover letter that the competition is fierce out there.

You have to identify your unique strengths, which set you apart from other candidates. Then highlight the same to get your job application and accompanying resume noticed.

Below is a cleaner cover letter sample for your further guidance.

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Cleaner Cover Letter Example



David Fielder
677 Pine Lane, Riverdale, UT 6549
(004) 333–5555
david @ email . com

September 10, 2019

Mr. Eden Mitch
HR Manager
34 Havana Square
Riverdale, UT 65410


Dear Mr. Mitch:

This letter is my intent to obtain a Cleaner position at Aspire, as advertised on I offer a 5-year track record in cleaning while maintaining high standards of sanitation. I believe my skills and competence in mopping, floor-sweeping, carpet cleaning, and dusting will be of a great benefit to Aspire.

In addition to proven expertise in premises cleaning and maintenance, I possess strong interpersonal skills and have always shown respect towards colleagues and management. Being a results-driven professional, I have never left any part of my duty undone.

Besides, I am known for going to an extra mile to achieve the cleanliness and sanitation standards. Being a courteous individual with multicultural exposure, I find it easy to communicate with other people and to comply with their cleaning requests and special instructions.

I will follow up this application next week through a phone call and would be delighted to have an interview with you. My contact details are also given above in case you need to speak to me earlier.

Thank you for considering my credentials for a Cleaner job at Aspire.




David Fielder