Janitorial Supervisor Interview Questions and Answers

By | January 2, 2018

Appearing for an interview is one of the most difficult of tasks, especially where preparations are concerned.

If you make sure that your preparation is above par, there is no way that you can lose out.

Here is a set of interview questions and answers for a janitorial supervisor position to help you out:

Janitorial Supervisor Interview Questions and Answers

What qualifies you to work as a janitorial supervisor?

I started out as part of a custodial staff 7 years ago, and have since then been working relentlessly to make my way up the hierarchy.

I know all there is to know about the work, and can safely say that my leadership qualities are of the highest order.

In addition to this, I am skilled in creating staff schedules, providing insight into how to handle cleaning and maintenance work, and ensuring that all work is being done according to instructions, and on schedule.

How do you handle the challenges associated with working in a supervisory role?

Challenges do not scare me. It is true that working as a supervisor is indeed riddled with challenges, but I make sure that I stay a step ahead of them. It works wonderfully.

How do you feel about working in a role where you have to handle physically demanding work?

To be perfectly honest, I do not mind the hectic routine that I have. In fact, I work hard to make sure that my goals are met, and the satisfaction that I receive with a job well done, is well worth the physically demanding work that I have to do.

What is it about this work that motivates you to the fullest?

I love the work on the whole, and the entire challenge of getting asjob well done is a motivational factor for me.

Tell us of a time when you came on top of a difficult situation?

I was commissioned to assist with the opening of a new office building, and the day before the opening day, half of the janitorial staff came down with a stomach bug.

And since we had to clean the entire building before the next day, the challenge was just too great. However, I rolled up my sleeves, and got down to work, along with the staff that did show up. And together we managed to clean the entire building just in time!

How do you handle grumpy or irate employees?

My way of handling issues and problems with employees is simple – do not react. I make sure that I try to understand why they are feeling this way, and then provide a solution to their issues.