School Cleaner Resume Sample

By | July 15, 2015

If you have ever scanned a resume and thought “I would have written it this way…” you are in luck, as you will scrutinize your resume before you consider it fit for submission.

Granted that every individual has a different way of writing, so any piece of writing should not be considered good or bad. But, where resumes are concerned, this advice may not be so correct after all.

Resume writing is different than another type of writing. It is difficult and challenging as there are so many different sections that you have to pay particular attention to.

And it can be quite jarring to have to think about how to write differently in different sections. But with a little practice (and some insight into appropriate resume writing) this can be done without issues.


School Cleaner Resume Example


John Trump
893 Norway Avenue, Huntington, WV 88923
(000) 109-2321

Hardworking and well-organized Cleaner with hands-on experience in managing the cleaning and sanitation need in academic settings. An excellent communicator who has a demonstrated ability to perform continuous and rigorous cleaning work.

• Increased the safety of the playground jungle gym by suggesting and installing outdoor foam around the children’s play area.
• Concocted a floor cleaning liquid, possessing a non-slip agent which has been patented DoTru.
• Cleaned the entire school building within the record time of 3 hours following preschool graduation ceremony that was shifted a day earlier.
• Conducted five pieces of training on appropriate cleaning methods and disinfection for new cleaning staff members.


– Garbage disposal
– Chemical safety
– School security
– Results-oriented
– Housekeeping
– Preventative maintenance
– Equipment maintenance
– Playground safety
– Grounds maintenance


School Cleaner
HILLSIDE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL, Huntington, WV | 2015-present

• Sweep and mop classrooms, offices and waiting areas
• Dust and polish wooden furniture and ensure that all pieces of furniture are appropriately arranged
• Mix cleaning liquids in correct and safe quantities and ensure that any spills are immediately cleaned
• Clean bathrooms by washing and disinfecting sinks, water closets, and surrounding areas
• Wash window sills and dust and polish wooden doors
• Dust computers, shelves, and pipes and ensure that all property placed on desks such as telephones and fax machines are carefully cleaned
• Shovel snow and clear grit footpaths during inclement weather
• Make sure that school premises are properly secured after school hours and report any incidents of vandalism or suspicious activities on campus

APPLE MONTESSORI SCHOOL, Huntington, WV | 2012-2015

• Swept and mopped hallways, classrooms, and offices, paying special attention to dirt in corners
• Washed bathrooms and showering areas
• Replenished supplies such as soap and toilet paper
• Dusted ledges, heaters, telephones and computers
• Wiped and washed windows and shampooed curtains and carpets
• Emptied garbage receptacles and ensured that trash was properly disposed of
• Cleared snow and ensured the appropriate upkeep of grounds and play areas