Entry Level Clerk Cover Letter with No Experience

By | July 20, 2016

Ramble on and on in a cover letter and you can just say goodbye to your employment chances.

Cover letters should be informative, as opposed to being full of stories.


The perfect Entry Level Clerk Cover letter writing is only possible if there is some research behind it.

The need to make a positive impression is high at this time. One wrong move and you can reduce your employment chances.

When you write a generalized cover letter, you give the impression that you have distributed your resume and cover letter indiscriminately, to ten other organizations that you pulled out of a hat!


During your cover letter writing research endeavours, you will come across many perfectly written cover letters.

The temptation to simply copy them will be great but do not succumb to it.

With so many powerful plagiarism check tools available, you will be found out in a jiffy!

Do not take that risk. Instead, take ideas from samples and see how you can create your own.


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Entry Level Clerk Cover Letter with No Experience


Roma Michael
58 8th Street
Leesburg, GA 52144
(000) 987-5643
roma @ email . com

September 8, 2019

Mr. Arthur Flores
Hiring Manager
St. Mary’s Health Center
672 Wisteria Lane
Leesburg, GA 51235


Dear Mr. Flores:

I am presently exploring opportunities in clerical and administrative field. Having come across the Clerk vacancy announcement at St. Mary’s Health Center, I saw a perfect match between my skills and your job description.

As a recent high school graduate with a short clerical internship at Sava Healthcare, I have the perfect mix of exposure and fresh take on things – both of which you are looking for in someone for a clerking role at your facility.

As an organized individual who has an inherent capacity to learn new things quickly, I will be an asset to your company. When my internship period ended, I was provided with an excellence award for my exceptional contribution to optimizing facility processes. This, coupled with my enthusiasm to work relentlessly will be a credit, not just to me but to St. Mary’s Health Center as well.

I would value the opportunity to discuss this opportunity further. Until I get a chance to secure a meeting with you – and if you feel the need to acquire further information from me – please contact me at (000) 987-5643.

Thank you for your time and consideration.




Roma Michael