Entry Level Data Entry Clerk Resume No Experience

By | April 19, 2016

Appearance, format, writing style and content – all matter tremendously when you are writing a resume for data entry clerk position.

That is also true even if you are an entry-level applicant who has no experience in hand.


The best way to pass this judgment is to keep a checklist ready to tick off before you begin writing your resume.

A checklist will give you a base to write your resume. You can tick each one off as you are done and you will end up with a well-written and targeted resume.

What more could you want? Would you believe that the checklist method saves you from the jitters that all of us get when we write a first resume? Well, lucky you!

If you are writing an entry-level resume, you might think of a million things that you can put in, including your hobbies and extracurricular activities. Don’t touch them!


They are not meant for your resume unless they are asked for specifically by a prospective employer. Do put in any position-related volunteer work or internships that you have to your name though, as they will help you gain the employer’s favor.

Let’s look at a resume sample for a data entry clerk as an example:

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Data Entry Clerk Resume No Experience



Carl Freeman
6178 Knickerbocker Street, Gillette, WY 82719
(000) 125-8566
cfree @email .com


• A meticulous, hardworking and extremely well-organized individual who is known for an exceptionally positive attitude towards projects.
• Highly skilled in handling data entry work and office management tasks with a particular focus on integrity and confidentiality of information.
• Efficiently prepares source data by carefully compiling and sorting information appropriately.
• Maintains data entry requirements by religiously following data program techniques and procedures.
• Adept at securing sensitive information by creating backups to ensure information safety during untoward circumstances.
• Well-versed in performing data retrieval tasks by first ensuring eligibility of requester.

High School Diploma
Gillette High School, Gillette, WY – 2019

• Data Integrity
• Accuracy Verification
• Customer Service
• Backup Management
• Reports Generation
• Data Analysis
• Error Correction
• Information Retrieval
• Computerized Data Equipment


Data Entry Intern
Southern Wine and Spirits, Gillette, WY (6/2019-8/2019)

• Punched source data into database
• Verified accuracy of punched in data by consulting source documents in detail
• Responded to requests for information retrieval by first checking the eligibility of the requester
• Assisted in sorting out preliminary information to be punched into systems
• Created and maintained backups of entered data and ensured that all punched information was secured in a confidential manner

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