Apprentice Plumber Resume Sample

By | July 20, 2016

Fine, you know your work well. Great that you have proven yourself a few times. But when you apply for a first job, there is nothing more important than making a good first impression. This is especially true for when you want to obtain an apprenticeship and you need to make it obvious that you are knowledgeable and trainable.

Employers do not want to waste their precious time on training people who know little or seem unwilling to learn. They consider them a waste of time. However, if your resume tells them that you are a creative individual who has the capacity to not only learn the trade but also contribute somewhat, you are in luck. So what is the focus on here? Writing a resume that says I am the best! But writing such a resume means that you have to put great focus on the relevance of your content. Pay special attention to this part of your job application credentials and you can be sure of winning the employer’s heart.

For instance, if you are writing a resume for a plumber apprentice position, this is how you can make sure that you shine:


Apprentice Plumber Resume Sample


Tyler Moss

5232 4th Street NW ● Altoona, IA 88789 ● (000) 744-1021 ● tylermoss @email .com


Personal Summary: Highly organized and detail-oriented individual who has deep knowhow of assembling pipeline sections, tubing and fittings and plumbing fixtures. Able to review blueprints and building codes to effectively determine work processes and procedures by following set industry standards.

Professional Highlights
• Skilled at identifying required tools and specialized equipment in accordance to each specific plumbing project
• Effectively able to locate and mark positions for plumbing connections and fixture using industry knowledge
• Competent at installing, repairing and maintaining water treatment equipment, piping and controls
• Deep insight into testing piping systems and fixtures for leaks by using predefined plumbing methods and procedures


• Plumbing Layouts • Position Marking
• Sizing and Alignment • Environmental Protection
• Waste Water Disposal • Tools and Supplies Inventory
• Scheduled Maintenance • Sprinkler-fitting
• Building Codes • Customer Service

City Technical College, Altoona, IA
Associate of Applied Science in Plumbing Technology – 2015


Maintenance Volunteer
City Residential, Altoona, IA (6/2015 to 12/2015)

• Assisted in inspecting structures to locate and mark positions of piping and connections
• Assembled and installed valves, pipe fittings and pipes made out of both metal and non-metal components
• Joined pipes by using screws and bolts and operated soldering irons wedge components together
• Troubleshot problems with plumbing systems and performed measures to resolve them
• Repaired and maintained plumbing by replacing or repairing washers and pipes