Assistant Controller Cover Letter Sample and Tips

By | August 11, 2015

The content of your cover letter for assistant controller resume should revolve around your skills and accomplishments. It must answer the employer’s simple question: ‘Why should we hire you?’

Here are some useful tips in this regard:

A compelling opening: Believe it or not, but your opening sentence actually determines whether your letter will be read or not. Come up with a catchy and engaging opening that keeps the reader going till the end.

Show- Don’t tell: Effective cover letters call for clear and specific points that communicate how and why you are fit for the role in question. Relate your profile to the position, tell them how you intend to use your specific skills in favor of the hiring firm.

Stand out of the crowd: Market your unique skills and promote those elements of your candidacy that set you apart form an average competitor. Give them a reason to prefer your candidacy upon that of an equally qualified candidate.

Below is an Assistant controller cover letter sample for further guidance.

Assistant Controller Cover Letter Sample


Nathan Wilde
322 Red Fury Lane
Nashville, TN 40136
(005) 666 – 3333
nathan . wilde @ email . com

August 11, 2015

Mr. Davis Mathew
HR Manager
78 Humbug Avenue
Nashville, TN 40136


Dear Mr. Mathew:

More than ever, successful companies need proven performers who know how to handle the financial resources and meet the accounting needs of the firm. My record as an assistant controller speaks for itself:

• Reduced discrepancy rate in account data, achieving 100% accuracy through computerization of the accounts reconciliation process.

• Brought business worth $1.3M to the firm through demonstration of customer oriented accounts handling and remarkable financial services.

• Designed and implemented weekly audits for SOP compliance and organized complete briefings for new employees and refresher courses for the old ones to ensure policy implementation.

In light of above highlighted accomplishments and capabilities, I would like you to consider my enclosed resume for your recently announced assistant controller position.

Serving in the corporate sector for the past 3 years as a junior assistant controller, I have gained hands on experience in account handling, payroll processing, tax filing, GAAP and ERP that has rendered me highly productive in accounts reconciliation database tallying, budgeting and internal controls. I strongly believe that this experience in combination with my formal certification as a public accountant CPA will prove to be very handy in your current open position.

I would welcome the opportunity to meet with you in order to discuss my proficiencies in detail. I shall call your office coming Friday to schedule an appointment. Please feel free to call me in case you need to speak earlier.

Thank you for your time and consideration. My resume is enclosed for your review.



Nathan Wilde

Enc. Resume