Recreation Coordinator Cover Letter Sample

By | June 8, 2015

Recreation Coordinator cover letters had come a long way since the 90s when all we had to do was write the “perfect” opening “This is concerning your advertisement in the newspaper…”

That does not work anymore. When the prospective employer reads this sentence or one like it, he dumps the cover letter. Why? Because it has nothing new to offer. It is a line that has been used for decades and is boring – suggesting to the reader that this is exactly what the candidate must be – boring!

Something new needs to be done now to grab the reader’s attention. While employers don’t like people who are overly smart, a little bit of novelty into a cover letter can take a candidate places. But be careful!

You don’t want to put in too much novelty and come across as a “know it all” and spoil your chances altogether. Boast, by all means, but always back up your bragging proof.

Here is a bold, yet interestingly written cover letter sample for a recreation coordinator position that might interest you.


Recreation Coordinator Cover Letter Example


March 16, 2018

Gregory Linford
Manager Human Resources
Seven Counties Services
89 Knights Road
Boise, DE 91844


Dear Mr. Linford:

The road to success has been bumpy, but I wouldn’t have it any other way because I am a much more well-informed individual now than I was when I began my tread. I am not one to boast; I believe that my qualifications speak for themselves.

Having worked as a recreation coordinator for over eight years, I am a perfect fit for your requirements owing to the following skills:

• Documented success in efficiently evaluating recreational program effectiveness and seeking new ideas for enhancements.

• Skilled in planning, developing and implementing specialized recreational programs for diverse age groups.

• Exceptional talent for creating and maintaining effective liaison with community groups and agencies to secure volunteer services.

This amalgamation of skills and experience is probably not all that I have to offer to Seven Counties Services as a Recreation Coordinator. With a strong ability to understand and follow safety policies within each recreation program and endorse a positive image of the organization through effective program marketing initiatives, I am a force to reckon with where competition is concerned.

May we meet in person to discuss this in detail? I intend to call you to set up a meeting for next week if you are free, and I can be contacted at (444) 444-4444.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



Fiona Hall

(Enc: Resume)

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