School Custodian Interview Questions and Answers

By | August 4, 2016

When you send in a school custodian resume and a cover letter, you must be prepared to appear for an interview eventually.

If your job application documents were well-prepared, you will receive an interview call.


But when you do receive one, do not panic. The preparation that you made for writing your job application documents will work here as well.

And here are some questions and answers to get you through the interview process:



School Custodian Interview Questions and Answers

Is the work of a custodian different in different types of organizations? Explain why or why not.

The overall work of a custodian remains the same in all types of workplaces. However, there may be a little difference in how a custodian works in an organization such as a school. This is because one has to be especially careful with children who may be susceptible to our work. As a custodian, it is my responsibility to make sure that children do not slip on wet floors or have access to cleaning chemicals. In this way, a custodian has to be more responsible.

Tell us of your main duties as a custodian in your present position.

In my present position, I am responsible for cleaning offices, classrooms, halls, common areas and kitchens by performing sweeping and mopping activities. Also, I am responsible for washing and disinfecting bathrooms and cafeterias, handling grounds maintenance activities, and ensuring that parking areas are cleared of debris and hazardous materials.

If you were told to perform a duty that was not part of your original job description, something like taking garbage to the nearest landfill, what would you do?

It actually depends on the specific situation. If possible, I’d try to contact garbage pickers to do this work as it’s their territory. However, if they cannot come, I will comply as making sure that my assigned premises is clean and safe is after all, my responsibility. And of course, there are children to consider here who must not be exposed to hazardous materials at all.

Do you think physical agility is important while working as a custodian? Why or why not?

Working as a custodian is all about physical work so yes, physical agility is a must. Picking and dragging cleaning equipment, stooping and standing for long hours and staying bent over for cleaning work, everything requires physical dexterity.

What made you want to take up a career as a custodian in a school?

As someone who is a clean freak, working as a custodian makes a lot of sense. I like to see my surroundings clean and maintained and my work allows me to do what I like best. The fact that schools are places that offer the most challenge helped me with my decision to work as a custodian in a school.