School Bus Driver Cover Letter Sample and Tips

By | August 28, 2015

Even though you have a perfect resume for school bus driving position, you need a cover letter to go with it while applying for thus position. Considering that the cover letter has evolved into an indispensable tool for candidates in every field of work, some cover letter writing tips are highlighted below for your guidance.

• Use the professional business format: Although effective cover letters are personable, the cover letter is technically a formal document and must be treated as nothing less. Stick to a professional business letter format and company oriented tone while drafting your cover letter.

• Express your interest in meeting with the employer: Proactive candidates have greater chances of survival in today’s aggressive job market. So, plan ahead and clearly ask the prospective employer for a convenient interview date and time.

• Always proofread your cover letter: Cover letters with errors reflect carelessness on behalf of the candidate, so proofread your letter at least twice before sending it.


School Bus Driver Cover Letter Example


Allan Buck
344 Indigo Square
Naperville, IL 56440
(004) 333 – 6666
allan . buck @ email . com

August 28, 2015

Mr. Jason Ortiz
HR Manger
83 Garden Avenue
Naperville, IL 56440


Dear Mr. Ortiz:

Per your advertisement for a school driver position at SUNSHINE SCHOOL, you seek an experienced, safety oriented, CDL school bus driver with a friendly and pleasant personality and strong communication skills. Keeping in view your requirements, I offer the following strengths:

• Adept at pre and post trip vehicle inspections and preventive maintenance tasks
• Knowledgeable of loading zone protocols and applicable traffic laws
• Proficient in ensuring safety of all passengers
• Well versed in using hydraulic lifters to load school bags, wheel chairs and other luggage on the top of the bus
• Class A Commercial Driver’s License Holder
• Effective in GPS navigation and map reading

My hands-on experience spanning over 4 years in school bus driving has rendered me highly expert in heavy vehicle driving, maintenance and mechanical troubleshooting. This expertise combined with track record of being highly punctual and not missing a single day of work during the past 2 years is what gives me an edge over my competitors, making me the ideal candidate for the job.

I will be happy to have an interview with you to elaborate the match between my profile and your job demands further. I intend to give you a follow-up call coming week to suit the purpose. In the interim, I’m available to answer any queries about my background and qualifications at (004) 333 – 6666.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Sincere regards,

Allan Buck

Attached: Resume