School Bus Driver Resume Sample

By | August 28, 2015

A school bus driver resume is a marketing tool that promotes your candidacy. Before applying for a school bus driver position, consider this: is your resume impressive enough to earn you an interview? If it has not been updated recently, then it’s probably not. Employers like to see progressive and hands-on candidates. Your resume for school bus driver position must reflect that you are an up to date individual who knows exactly what the employer wants and offers nothing less.

Showcasing your job relevant skills in an appealing manner is an art. Just a mere list of competencies is boring and the employer will definitely not make any extra effort to relate these with the job at hand. It’s best to keep your content brief, but highly relevant and use the exact language the advertisement has used. This will help the employers relate your candidacy with the job better.


School Bus Driver Resume Sample


Samuel Wesley

344 Forest Avenue • El Paso, TX 99720 • (004) 333 – 5555 • samuel . wesley @ email . com


PROFILE: Adroit, safety oriented and dependable, Class A CDL holder. Track record of picking and dropping preschool and elementary school children securely in a friendly manner while complying to loading zone traffic laws. Expert in GPS navigation and pre trip vehicle inspection, profound knowledge of traffic rules pertaining to highway and side lane driving. BCLS certified.


● Route Scheduling ● Auto door Operation ● Bus AC Maintenance
● Luggage handling ● Pre-trip mechanical inspection ● GPS Navigation
● Pressure Checking ● Bus Service inventory keeping ● Engine Tuning
● Map Reading ● Loading Zone Compliance ● Mic and Radio Usage

• Enhanced the cost effectiveness of the bus by 20% by recommending an informed change in engine oil consistency
• Designed on-bus safety rules, easy to understand for the kids and displayed them in the bus
• Initiated emergency evacuation drills and provided safety training to all children


CITY SCHOOL, El Paso, TX (Apr 2014 – Present)
School Bus Driver
• Create route sheets to cover pick and drop of all allotted students
• Drive the bus each morning and afternoon on the regular route, making stops at pre-determined loading zones
• Operate the door with controller effectively and check bus passes
• Operate hydraulic lift equipment to load and unload student bags, wheelchairs and other luggage
• Carryout detailed pre trip mechanical inspection of allotted busses ranging from type I to type III
• Conduct routine preventive maintenance of the bus

ABE’S TRANSPORTATION, El Paso, TX (Jun 2012 – Mar 2014)
Bus Driver
• Ensured passengers’ safety at all times
• Guided students about safe climbing in and getting off protocols
• Assisted the driver in emergency road side repairs and wheel changing
• Cleaned the vehicle daily from inside and got it washed for next morning
• Checked lubricant and water levels on daily basis
• Inspected all wheels’ inflation level before each trip

High school Diploma

o Load Lifting ability up till 60 lbs
o Multilingual: Fluent in English, Spanish and French
o Good manual dexterity and eye hand coordination
o Strong vision and hearing along with good road sense