Truck Driver Resume Objective Examples

By | August 26, 2015

A resume objective is a short summary of the competence you offer with clear specification of the exact job being sought. To be appealing, it has to be in exact synchronization with what the employers are in the hunt for. So, to get it right, your resume objective must be written after a lot of research and it should not merely state your core competencies, rather it must address the prospective employer’s current needs.

Unlike a profile summary which is generally longer and fully employer centered, a resume objective in addition to highlighting the candidate’s selling points also clearly communicates the exact role the candidate is seeking. Though modern resume writers discourage the use of resume objectives and prefer profile summaries instead, the resume objective is still included by many candidates in their resumes due to its usability.

It is very common among candidates today to format their resume objective in a manner that it adopts some traits of a profile summary. These modern and non-conventional resume objectives really work since they tend to combine the goodness of a resume objective as well as that of a profile summary serving the purpose of both.

A well written resume objective must:

– Specify the position and designation being sought
– Showcase the core competencies that match the prospective employer’s job requirements
– Quantify the candidate’s experience in number of years if its more than 5 years
– Include some powerful, industry specific adjectives to define the candidate’s profile

Truck Driver Resume Objective Examples

• Alert, skilful and customer service oriented truck driver seeking a position with SWIFT COURIER. Class A CDL holder, expert in GPS navigation and map reading, fully knowledgeable regarding the Highway Authority Heavy Vehicle Traffic rules.

• Seeking a truck driver position at ABC Cargo Company. Offers expert truck driving proficiency, proven ability to navigate well using GPS and highly commendable interpersonal skills. Track record of delivering merchandise in a safe manner.

• Safety minded, punctual and highly dependable Class A CDL holder, seeking a truck driver position with WE DELIVER. Proven ability to drive manual and automatic vehicles, carryout preventive maintenance and minor repairs and keep the truck in neat and clean condition.

• To attain a truck driver position at ABC company where my acquired skills in truck driving, advance knowledge of NHA traffic rules and commendable map reading skills coupled with profound ability to load and unload the truck in a safe manner could be put to productive use in favor of the company.

• To work as a truck driver for JIMMY MOVERS and put my 5+ years of clean driving record, professional people skills and sound knowledge of handling protocols for fragile and hazardous material to effective use.