Patient Care Assistant Resume Sample

By | June 29, 2015

Trolling the job market to gain a position in the healthcare industry is getting thicker now and requires more effort than it ever did.

The so-called revolutionary techniques of resume building are now history – now, you need more effort than ever before to come up with a competitive resume for patient care assistant position – the all-purpose resume will just not do!

When applying for a patient care assistant job, pay attention to how you write a resume.

Create, read, re-read and repeat! That is how you will eventually have the perfect resume to apply for this position.

The following is a sample resume that you can refer to:


Patient Care Assistant Resume Example



Evelyn Dodd

36 Fernview Avenue ● North Andover, MA 77373 ● (999) 999-9999 ●[Email]

Patient Care Assistant

A compassionate and patient-focused individual who is acknowledged for deep insight into nursing procedures and their application in a medical facility setting. Demonstrated knowledge of patient care procedures and medication administration. Strong passion for patient care and wellbeing coupled with the ability to treat patients according to conditions.

• Trained 16 patient care assistants in handling geriatric patients in a hospital setting through an intense training program.
• Introduced a communication system that brought together medical providers and staff in a manner conducive to exceptional patient care.
• Reigned in 3 simultaneous emergencies by employing activities to handle them using medical knowledge and emergency experience, thereby saving all three lives.
• Implemented a system that observed and recorded patients’ medical, psychiatric and social behavior to be studied in sync with physical conditions.
• Followed patient care plans perfectly by ensuring spot-on execution.


• First Aid and CPR • Observation/Assessment • Patient grooming
• Catheterization • Sample collection • Infection control
• Case management • Resource utilization • Patient safety
• Wellness programs • Acute care • Medical terminology


Shands Healthcare, North Andover, MA | 2013 – Present
Patient Care Assistant
• Study patient care plans and develop ways to put them into practice
• Implement individualized care plans and ensure their efficacy
• Provide patients with routine care such as bathing, grooming, and toileting
• Administer medication and set up IV hookups
• Establish and maintain both therapeutic and medical relationships with patients
• Observe patients for changes in condition and report deteriorations or improvements
• Collect blood and urine specimens and deliver them to laboratories for testing purposes
• Assist patients by wheeling or accompanying them to doctors’ appointments and physical therapy sessions
• Communicate with patients to establish a trusting relationship and provide companionship, especially through emotional breakdowns
• Provide doctors with feedback on patient health, care plan conformity, and patient response

Broward Health Medical Center, North Andover, MA | 2011 – 2013
Patient Care Assistant
• Assisted patients with daily tasks such as dressing, bathing, toileting, and grooming
• Provided support in preparing meals according to health plans
• Assisted patients in partaking their meals and recorded food intake
• Provided emotional support by engaging patients in counseling sessions
• Accompanied patients to social activities, physical therapy sessions, and doctors’ appointments
• Checked and recorded patients vitals and provided feedback on patients’ conditions to doctors and nurses

Massachusetts Nursing College, North Andover, MA
Associate of Science in Nursing

CNA Licensure – Massachusetts Department of Health