Library Assistant Interview Questions and Answers

By | July 26, 2015

Tell us about yourself?
I am a student of Associates in library sciences and have been working in the Central Library as a helper since I completed high school. I am a social person and enjoy interacting with people. I am also good at following instructions, maintaining the library in an organized manner and helping out guests in locating their desired material.

What is your strongest asset as a library assistant?
I believe my excellent organizational skills to be my greatest asset in this role. I am apt at keeping things in order, labeling all material in sequence and going through the day’s tasks as per schedule, smoothly.

Have you ever dealt with an upset guest? Explain the situation and how you handled it?
Last year, a Ph.D. scholar requested for a National Geographic documentary that was in the form of the CD with the library. The CD was issued, but he returned the same day with the CD complaining that it didn’t work and was quite upset. I immediately apologized for the inconvenience caused and gave him a copy from the library record. I also informed the technical department who made a good copy of the CD and replaced the faulty one to avoid a similar situation in future.

Which skills are must have to succeed as a library assistant?
Computer skills, attention to detail, time management, task prioritization and communication skills are must have to succeed as a library assistant.

What experience do you have in using the computer as part of your job?
I am well versed in General PC operations. I am experienced in using MS Office, internet and email for publisher identification, correspondence, book issuance record keeping and stock record management.

Tell us about an initiative you took for the betterment of your workplace?
When I joined as a library assistant, all material was organized except for newspapers. I noticed that there was no proper mechanism for newspaper stocking and guests looking for earlier editions faced a lot of difficulty in sorting them. I took the initiative and archived them date wise which was highly appreciated by the librarian.

Name some referencing styles you are familiar with?
I am familiar with MLA, Harvard, and APA referencing styles.

What are the duties of a library assistant?
A library assistant is responsible for maintaining the material in an organized manner. Stocking the received books and attending to guests’ needs and queries regarding material location referencing details and issuance of material.

What types of library material have you worked with before?
I have worked with books, journals, media files, and CDs.

How would you rate your people skills?
I would say a 10 on 10 since I am a social person and usually get along very well with others. I also have excellent communication skills and interact comfortably with people from different backgrounds.

What is the most enjoyable aspect of this job for you?
I find waiting for new releases and booking them in advance very exciting and interesting; obtaining details and reviews before-hand is a skill I have not only developed but learned to enjoy.