Au Pair Cover Letter Sample

By | February 6, 2018

Since the Au Pair cover letter is your chance to show that you are the best fit, it is important to tailor it accordingly.

A standard cover letter sent to every prospective employer will lose its credibility. In fact, it might not have any originality, to begin with.


Another thing to remember, writing a cover letter without doing your research is a big mistake.

It is best not to exceed one page when writing a cover letter.

No employer has the time (or patience) to go through long accounts of why you are the greatest thing that happened to the world.

They just need to know how well you will fit into their company, which will take less than 6 seconds to be decided.


Use the following au pair cover letter sample in order to write your own.

Au Pair Cover Letter

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Au Pair Cover Letter Example


Karen Mitch
(000) 857-9656

September 13, 2019

Ms. Anne Frank
Human Resource Manager
Little Ones Inc.
2009 Jessica Way
Stanford, KY58584


Dear Ms. Frank:

As an enthusiastic childcare professional with many years of hands-on experience, I am applying for Au Pair job at Little Ones Inc. Since I put all my heart into the work, I am always successful in providing children with the best personal and emotional care. Owing to this experience and exposure, I am positive that I will be an excellent addition to Little Ones Inc.

Often referred to as energetic and lively, I am proficient in guiding and supporting children from the ages of 6 to 12 with as much dedication as a parent. Moreover, I can successfully work with children to provide them with the best support for homework assistance, activities management, and meals administration.

In addition to this, I am an expert in transporting children while ensuring that their safety and wellbeing. Likewise, I am able to organize that afternoon as well as play routines for children.

As someone who can keep a great balance between work and play, and handle behavioral problems with tact, I am sure you will be interested in my candidature. I will contact you at the end of next week to provide you with a more profound view of my abilities and set up an interview.

Thank you for your time and consideration.




Karen Mitch
(000) 857-9656

Attachment. resume