Nanny Cover Letter to Agency – Sample

By | June 21, 2015

Many agencies that hire nannies ask for a cover letter when inviting nanny job applications.

Though compiling a cover letter may sound like a big hassle, it is very beneficial for the candidates.

A cover letter is your first and last chance to relate your profile to the nanny job. Therefore, make the most of it.

How to Write a Nanny Cover Letter to Agency?
1. Cutomize

Focus on the employer’s specific needs and demonstrate your ability to cater to the same.

2. Personalize

Mention out your unique and personal values.

3. Make it Appealing 

Your cover letter must have an attractive opening, and all content should be relevant. It will help maintain the reader’s interest.

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Below is a well-written sample nanny cover letter written to the agency.

Sample Nanny Cover Letter (To Agency)

Daniella Robert
540 Jaguar Ave, Page, AZ 56788
(004) 251-6353
daniella @ email . com

March 13, 2022

Mr. Dave Jordan
HR Manager
ABC Agency
944 Geneva Square
Page, AZ 56788

Dear Mr. Jordan:

With 3+ years of hands-on babysitting experience along with an associate’s degree in child psychology, I am applying for a Nanny position at ABC Agency.

A brief highlight of my skills and expertise include:

• Expert in providing care for children of various ages and supervising them in a safe and nurturing manner.
• Well-versed in maintaining the house in a neat and clean condition.
• Knowledge of age-related developmental needs of children.
• Effective in devising learn through play activities including storytelling and puppetry.
• First Aid and BCLS Certified.
• Driver’s license holder with a clean driving record.

Being a friendly and energetic person, I usually quickly develop a positive relationship with children and families. Besides taking care of children’s needs, I also make sure that they are efficiently groomed in social skills. 

I will follow up next week to answer any questions you may have regarding my experience and qualifications in the childcare arena. I would also like to discuss the possibility of setting up a personal interview at your convenience to discuss the relevance of my candidacy in detail. Please contact me at (004) 251-6353.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Daniella Robert