Top 25 New CNA Resume Objectives No Experience

By | September 23, 2020

A certified nursing assistant needs to write a resume objective that makes the hiring manager sit up and take notice. How well you know the work, even if you are applying for a first job, needs to be highlighted in the objective. Your skills, and how you can use them to help the hospital or facility meet its objectives should all come into your resume.

The top 25 objectives that CNAs can use on their resumes are given below:

25 Sample Objectives for Entry Level New Certified Nursing Assistant

1. Seeking a position as a Certified Nursing Assistant at Tech Patients, leveraging an extensive educational background in patient services, including ADL. Hoping to apply my ability to provide adjunct patient care, to help the hospital meet its care and wellness objectives.

2. Certified Nursing Assistant, with excellent knowledge of maintaining patient stability, currently looking for a position at Madison Care. Hoping to expand upon my existing knowledge of nursing, and applying it to help the hospital in meeting its patient wellness targets.

3. To secure a Certified Nursing Assistant position at Delma Healthcare, where I will be able to contribute my nursing skills and knowledge to a hospital, presently considered the best in chronic disease handling.

4. Competent individual, possessing a recent nursing degree, anticipating a position as a Certified Nursing Assistant at Henley CareGivers. Eager to apply learned patient care, and emergency management skills for the betterment of the hospital.

5. Dedicated nursing professional, eager to work as a Certified Nursing Assistant at Grant Care Services. Determined, and goal-oriented individual, hoping to work towards helping the facility increase its patient care directives.

6. Recent nursing graduate, with inherent compassion, and a will to serve. Hoping to obtain a Certified Nursing Assistant position at Sleek Health Company, which will benefit from my strong patient assistance skills, in diverse nursing areas.

7. To attain a position as a Certified Nursing Assistant at Evolution Health Care, which will enable me to use my compassion, and will to help patients. Offering excellent knowledge of basic as well as advanced patient care initiatives, aimed at helping the facility meet its goals.

8. Certified Nursing Assistant, recently graduated from Utah Nursing School. Anticipating a position at Health Resource, leveraging an in-depth knowledge of providing direct care to patients, in collaboration with healthcare teams.

9. Highly competent Certified Nursing Assistant, seeking to use core patient care skills to enhance patient experiences, and in due course, assist Hunter Health in maintaining its excellent reputation.

10. Newly graduated individual, currently looking for a Certified Nursing Assistant position at Care Benefits, which enables the use of proactive patient assistance abilities, and coordination of adjunct services. Concentrated on helping the facility in upping its already superior reputation in the healthcare arena.

11. To develop my career as a Certified Nursing Assistant by working at Florida Health Center, with a focus on offering physical, emotional, and nursing care to patients, aimed at helping the facility meet its core care and wellness objectives.

12. An instigator of innovation in patient care, with unwavering determination to bring quality care services to patients, anticipating a position as a Certified Nursing Assistant at Cover Health Services of New Hampshire. Eager to apply dedication in providing patient services, with the aim of contributing to the overall success of the hospital.

13. Graduate of Creek County Nursing School, eager to work as a Certified Nursing Assistant at St. Peter’s Hospital by drawing on nursing education background. Desirous of a position that will allow me to offer my expertise to help the hospital lead in providing excellent medical care to patients.

14. A position as a Certified Nursing Assistant at Core Health Management, which will allow me to leverage my nursing background to help meet the facility’s patient care purposes with ease. Offering excellent knowledge of providing assistance with activities of daily life, as well as adjunct patient care.

15. To obtain a position as a Certified Nursing Assistant at 56 Care, hoping to share my research in providing high-end patient care to a diverse patient population. Hoping to benefit the facility through the implementation of standard nursing procedures of assessment, planning, and implementation of nursing programs.

16. Results-driven nursing individual, having recently obtained a degree, looking for work as a Certified Nursing Assistant at Global Health Systems. Eager to apply an excellent combination of theoretical and clinical skills to effectively enhance the hospital’s already excellent patient care system.

17. Seeking a Certified Nursing Assistant position at Great Health System, where I may be allowed to fully utilize my knowledge of providing excellent patient care on a one on one basis. Hopeful of contributing to the overall success of the facility by adding the benefit of skills in the field of direct patient assistance.

18. Searching for a Certified Nursing Assistant position at Breeo Hospital, to add value by offering enhanced nursing planning, and patient care skills. Professional and responsible individual, with great focus on self-training, aimed at helping meet the organization’s goals.

19. Looking for a position as a Certified Nursing Assistant at Franny Care. Eager to contribute by implementing knowledge derived from a solid nursing education background, targeted at helping the facility better its medical care services.

20. Looking at opportunities to better my nursing skills, as well as add value to Hunter First in the role of a Certified Nursing Assistant. Capacity to have an immediate impact on the overall work of the facility while contributing to nursing initiatives specifically.

21. To merge my enthusiasm and talent for providing nursing care, in a busy hospital environment, conducive to excellence in patient care. Anticipating a position at Wellness Now, by offering in-depth knowledge of providing comprehensive and personalized care to all assigned patients.

22. Energetic, and passionate individual, with a lifelong will to help people in a healthcare environment. Desire to apply an unyielding nursing commitment to help meet patient wellness goals.

23. To secure a Certified Nursing Assistant position at Frank’s Little Hospital for Chronic Diseases, rooted in quality patient care, and diligent patient oversight. Seeking to help the organization meet its overall goals of quick patient recovery, and release.

24. Proactive Certified Nursing Assistant, with an excellent academic record, looking for a position at Legacy Care. Hoping to maximize the experience in healthcare, while effectively contributing to the facility’s mission and vision.

25. To obtain an entry-level Certified Nursing Assistant position at Green Fields Care Home, utilizing educational qualifications to meet the specific needs of each assigned patient. Bringing a strong sense of dedication and motivation, with the objective of providing excellence in nursing care.