Sample Objectives for LVN Resume

By | September 3, 2016

A job objective or a resume objective is used to communicate the applicant’s intentions to a prospective employer. It usually works as an introductory line, outlining why an applicant has written the resume in the first place. It also works as an ice breaker, making the employer get to know the applicant enough to interest him to further the liaison.

Job objectives need to be written in a manner that they communicate clearly the writer’s skills and qualifications for the job, and how well he fits in. The objective is actually the crux of a resume – it summarizes everything that an individual wants to contribute to an organization, and how he can do it flawlessly.

The problem with job objectives is that they are short – usually a maximum of 3 lines. It is quite difficult to write all that you want to when you have such limitations. But since that is all you get, you have to make do with it. A resume objective should never be vague – you need to write it clearly, charting out exactly what it is that you want to say. A clear job / resume objective may actually end up in the employer not bothering to read the rest of the resume, and deciding to hire you on the spot.

Some examples of job objectives for an LVN (licensed vocational nurse) are given below for your reference:

LVN Resume Objective Examples

• Compassionate Licensed Vocational Nurse, looking for a position in Avanti Hospitals by providing benefit of deep insight into administering prescribed medication, recording patients histories and providing one on one support to assigned patients.

• Highly organized and experienced LVN seeking a position at Firstat Nursing Services by employing demonstrated expertise in providing patient care and treatment, administering basic health care and medical treatments and applying bandages and dressings.

• Patient-focused LVN with extended experience in assessing patients’ needs, planning and modifying care and evaluating nursing interventions, looking for a position with Hill Country Memorial. Able to effectively provide direct patient care, in addition to delivering exceptional emotional assistance.

• Desire a position as a Licensed Vocational Nurse with Whittier Hospital Medical Center. Offering demonstrated expertise in coordinating effective patient care under the supervision of a nurse manager.

• Looking for a position as a Licensed Vocational Nurse at Sava Healthcare. Eager to apply expertise in prioritizing patient care and determining nursing interventions, and utilizing critical thinking skills in compliance with hospital protocols.

• A patient and pleasant LVN with high proficiency in supporting patients’ health needs, including medication administration, observing behavioral changes and handling emergency procedures according to hospital protocols.