Package Handler Resume Sample

By | September 1, 2016

If you are thinking of applying for a package handler job at UPS or FedEx or some other company, you have come to the right place. Since you will obviously be getting your hands dirty (not literally of course) to pen down a “truly amazing” resume to apply for the job, allow us to provide you with a little assistance in this area.

As you must already know, resume writing is far from being a joke. It is serious business. The most amazing resumes in the world have been shot down simply because they weren’t good enough. Scared? Don’t be!

The following resume sample for a package handler is bullet proof!


Package Handler Resume Sample


Marcus Holt

7003 Alameda Street | Saint Paul, MN 55774 | (000) 142-0121 | marcusholt @ email . com


Professional Summary: Top-performing Package Handler with first-hand experience in assembling, lining and padding cartons and crates to prepare them for shipment purposes. Demonstrated ability to examine and inspect containers to ensure their quality and hardiness so that they withstand shipment procedures. A highly motivated and competent individual acknowledge for talents in examining, labeling and packaging items within a warehouse environment. High attention to detail with deep insight into ensuring accuracy of orders and timely delivery.

• Proven record of efficiently and safely using a variety of tools such as box sealing tape, heat sealers and staple gun.
• Proficient in handling fragile items with care and ensuring that packaging methods conform to set rules and regulations.


Conveyor Belt Operations Shipment Inspection Labeling Protocols
Sorting Procedures Fragile Items Management Inventory Tracking
Shipment Processes “Hand to Surface” Methods Package Scanning
Sorting Standards Shipment Paperwork Preparation Stock Management


Package Handler
RR DONNELLY, Saint Paul, MN (3/2012 – Present)

• Improve shipment processing time by 88% through implementation of well-placed packaging system
• Introduce a series of sorting procedures which reduced sorting time by 77%
• Read and comprehend work orders to determine which items need to be packed and moved
• Load and unload material on and off pallets, trays and shelves by hand
• Assist in loading and unloading materials from delivery trucks and ensuring that they are stored safely
• Pick out items according to instructions specified on work orders and ensure that they are properly labeled
• Line and pad cartons and crates to prepare them for shipment purposes

Package Handler
TYC CO, Saint Paul, MN (5/2010 – 3/2012)

• Implemented the “hand to surface” method, reducing damage by a staggering 65%
• Reorganized stock inventory by implementing a sophisticated inventory tracking system, reducing chances of out of stock instances
• Sealed containers using glue and staples and examined them to ensure their durability
• Packed fragile items with care and ensured that any hazardous items are properly secured
• Placed containers on conveyor belts so that they can be transported to the loading dock
• Created and maintain logs of all packaged and shipped materials in the company database

Warehouse Assistant
FEDEX, Saint Paul, MN (1/2007 – 5/2010)

• Picked out items from storage in accordance to instructions provided by supervisors
• Ascertained that the batch and item numbers on each picked item conform to the work order specifications
• Physically moved items from the storage to packing areas and assisted in labeling and packing them
• Provided assistance with lining crates and cartons to ready them for holding fragile items
• Ascertained that all work areas within the warehouse were kept clean and free of hazardous materials at all times

High School Diploma – 2005