Mail Carrier Cover Letter No Experience

By | September 1, 2016

When you have just read a Mail Carrier job advertisement that you feel you qualify for, you immediately want to print your resume out and get down to serious business, like writing a corresponding cover letter.

Hold your horses just yet! Writing an entry-level mail carrier cover letter is not easy.


You have to know all the ins and outs of writing one before you embark on this journey.

The ins and outs of cover letter writing are no rocket science, but they do need to be looked into.

What you must write and which rules you should follow will decide how well you will be perceived as a possible candidate for the job.

If you simply boast of your abilities without providing substantial evidence to back your claims, you risk losing out on a lot more than just a chance to get a job.

When you have no experience in hand, you are in a much more delicate position, which means that you need to work harder to add credibility to your suitability for a job.

At this stage, you do not have the benefit of experience so you need to be eloquent in how you mention your skills.

The cover letter sample below will help you in this regard:



Entry Level Mail Carrier Cover Letter No Experience



58 West Street # 78
Bronx, NY 12475

June 8, 2019

Mr. Eric Taylor
Hiring Manager
DS Services
5698 Palisade Avenue
Bronx, NY 70003


Dear Mr. Taylor:

Sensing the deep parity between your requirements and my abilities to work as a Mail Carrier for DS Services, I present myself as a viable candidate for the job. With exceptional customer service skills and knowledge to handle mail security screenings, I will be able to make a substantial contribution.

Through a short volunteer service as a campus mail carrier, I know about sorting incoming and outgoing mail, handling stamping services, and managing metering tasks. Some of my qualifications include:

• Extensive knowledge of withdrawing mail from distribution cases and preparing it in sequence for efficient delivery.

• Proficient in handling undeliverable mail following established privacy protocols.

• Well-versed in delivery and collecting charges on postage due and COD and processing receipts effectively.

I am a well-organized individual who is effectively able to meet deadlines and handle records of delivered and undelivered mail proficiently.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to meeting with you soon so that I can provide you with more details of my suitability. My resume is attached for your perusal.




James Rhodes
(000) 857-9681
Attachment. Resume