Receptionist Cover Letter No Experience

By | September 8, 2015

If you are thinking to copy the content of a Receptionist cover letter that you saw on the internet (because it is precisely what you want to say), please stop!

You can emulate it, but copying it will completely kill your chances of an interview.


Entry-level job seekers often make this kind of mistake.

Remember that what is available to you, is also available to other job seekers as well as a hiring manager. Besides, sophisticated plagiarism checkers make sure that no one is left unjudged! If you have copied, you will be found out!

How to Write a Receptionist Cover Letter No Experience?

  1. A Receptionist Cover Letter No Experience should be original – written by yourself and not copied from a sample.
  2. It must contain precise information about what you can do for the prospective firm.
  3. Language of the cover letter should be easy to understand.


Receptionist Cover Letter No Experience


Jillian Holmes
524 11th Avenue
Chicago, IL 25141
(000) 745-8586
iillian @ email . com

September 10, 2019

Ms. Madison Bing
Hiring Manager
Count ABC
635 W Jackson Boulevard
Chicago, IL 26773


Dear Ms. Bing:

As an enthusiastic, self-reliant, and dependable individual, I would like to be considered for a Receptionist position at Count ABC.

Right after graduating from high school, I did a short course in administrative assistance, which has prepared me well to handle the front desk and reception area. Delivering excellent customer services at all times is my forte. Since customers are a company’s prime assets, I am sure that I am an excellent choice to deal with them on a professional level.

I am eager to bring the following talents to your company:

• Competent at dealing with all inquiries in a professional and courteous manner
• Adept at catering to the needs of customers to ensure their satisfaction
• Specialized courses in managing correspondence and emails
• Demonstrated ability to arrange appointments and set up details of official events such as seminars and meetings

I would like to elaborate on my attributes in a personal meeting. I will call your secretary after one week to secure an interview date and time. If you require further information from me, please contact me at (000) 745-8586.

Thank you for your time and consideration.




Jillian Holmes