Hair Stylist Cover Letter Sample

By | July 23, 2015

So you’ve seen a fantastic job advertisement, and you want to apply to the hair stylist job. You have your hair stylist resume ready, but the prospective employer also wants a cover letter, although it’s optional. You’re wondering whether or not to write one.

Well, stop wondering. You should write one. The primary and most important reason for this is – while resumes focus on what you’ve done in the past, a cover letter will tell the prospective employer what you can do for him or her in the future. And it is more important to talk about the future than it is to talk about the past.

Why is that? Nowadays employers look not only for the experience, but they also look for candidates who have the potential to fit into the company. Candidates who can help the company grow, both in the direction it’s already growing in and new guidelines that it hasn’t explored before.

So what you need to do is not tell them what you’re looking for or what you want to do, but tell them how your skills match the company profile, and what you can do for the company.

For this, you must research the company online first, so that you can discover what the company is and how it works, and thus do an excellent job of matching what you do to what they do.


Hair Stylist Cover Letter Example


Laine West
21 North Street
Tenerife, NY 74521
(000) 909-0909

June 23, 2015

Ms. Amy Dader
Manager Human Resources
Hair Forever
2374 Charleston Ave
Tenerife, NY 77754


Dear Ms. Dader:

As a hair styling professional, it has always been my effort to make the customer as happy as I can so that all operations can run smoothly. Over the fifteen years, I have been working in this arena; I can be safe in claiming that I have been successful in this. My expertise lies in the fact that I am a people-oriented person, and customers find me easy to talk to and make lasting relationships with.

My core proficiencies include:

• Well-versed in matching the right hairstyle with the right face – making sure the hair complements the facial features
• A thorough understanding of hair styling products and services, and knowledge of which products will suit which hair type
• Track record of increasing sales and building a client base through effective communication and upselling activities

Since I have been working for a decade and a half in this industry, I am thoroughly familiar with changing trends in hairstyling and find on occasion that I can even predict them. In this way, I can help your salon grow and acquire the market share that it deserves.

If you are interested in my dedication and professionalism, I suggest we meet. I would like to call you on Monday to see when it would be convenient for you. If you wish to talk to me earlier, my digits are (000) 909-0909.

Thank you for your time and consideration.




Laine West

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