Assistant Basketball Coach Cover Letter Sample

By | September 8, 2019

As a member of the athletic program, an Assistant Basketball Coach plays an integral role by leading the team.

They monitor the team’s progress, determine the skills and abilities of student-athletes, and strengthen the team’s overall improvement.



Crafting the best Assistant Basketball Coach cover letter is an essential step towards getting more interviews, callbacks, and job offers.

How to Write an Assistant Basketball Coach Cover Letter?

• Include relevant work experience, qualifications, and skills.
• Demonstrate your achievements.
• Do not make any spelling or grammatical errors.
• Write it in an attention-grabbing way.
• Highlight your excitement to work for the employer.
• Explain why and how you’re the right fit for the position.
• Use professional yet polite tone.




Assistant Basketball Coach Cover Letter Sample


Tracie Easley
4799 Upland Avenue
Lima, OH 45801

September 8, 2019

Ms. Ladonna Whitman
HR Manager
Carlow University
74 North Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15213


Dear Ms. Ladonna:

I am responding to your advertisement for an assistant basketball coach position at Carlow University. Because my experience and skills align well with your requirements, I feel confident that I am the best contender.

I foster a culture of cooperation, responsibility, and good sportsmanship. Besides, I represent a high level of respect for players and officials to maintain the university’s reputation.

Owing to my 5 years of experience, I offer the following skills:

• Recruiting players and showing them how to win
• Developing overall performance
• Motivating the team through positive attitude
• Coordinating logistics
• Preparing schedules
• Recording stats
• Implementing training programs
• Advising players on health and fitness issues
• Highlighting the strengths as well as weaknesses
• Communicating effectively with athletes, parents, peers, teachers, and staff
• Adopting in team’s strategic development
• Infusing the significance of teamwork in the athletes’ mind

With my credentials and experience, I am all prepared to demonstrate my coaching skills at Carlow University. I’d welcome any opportunities to be a part of your future achievements in this field.

In addition to my skills and solid educational background, I possess personal interest and passion for basketball. I’m willing to work flexible hours for special events and carry out other duties as assigned.

I look forward to discussing how my ambitions, qualifications, and skills can be of great benefit to your institute’s athletic programs. You may reach me at (000)-914-7159 or email me at to schedule an interview.

I am grateful for your consideration and forthcoming response.




Tracie Easley