Toddler Teacher Cover Letter Sample

By | October 16, 2017

Sometimes, going through one Toddler Teacher cover letter sample can give you an entire boxful of information and ideas on how to write your own.

But one wrong cover letter that you pick up can put you in quite a mess.

If you refer to a cover letter that talks only about your aspirations and benefit – and emulate it – you may be in a lot more trouble than you think. Cover letters must never talk about the benefit that a prospective job will bring to you – instead, it should concentrate on how great you are for a position, and how your talents will help the employer build up his or her organization.

Choose your cover letter references wisely. Make sure that you follow the pattern and thought process of a cover letter sample that is selfless, and edicts how you can be a contributory factor to an organization. Better yet, write something on your own – take ideas from the sample below:


Toddler Teacher Cover Letter Example



565 7th Street South
Renovo, PA 74574

October 16, 2017

Mr. Evan Carter
Little Ones’ Avenue
109 Birch Road
Renovo, PA 17746


Dear Mr. Carter:

As a nurturing individual who has been especially trained in teaching toddlers, I believe that my addition to the team of toddler teachers at Little Ones’ Avenue will be a welcome event.

With over 10 years of experience in helping small children acquire basic skills and knowledge, to help them thrive and develop, hiring me will automatically translate into no training and immediate contribution. Developing and leading classroom activities for young children, observing children to ensure that their developmental needs are met, creating and using a variety of materials to help toddlers explore and manipulate in learning activities and imaginative play, and providing basic care to assigned students are just some of the areas that I am a pro at.

Owing to my ability to balance teaching between logical and social exercises, I have been awarded with high commendation on several occasions, leading to me being considered the “best” toddler teacher that St. Paul’s Nursery (my present place of employment) has. Tenderness comes naturally to me, as is obvious from the reference letters that I have enclosed with my application.

If you are looking for a toddler teacher who can handle instruction in both conventional and non-conventional manners, aiming to promote a spirit of accord amongst students, you may not need to look further.

Thank you for your consideration. I will contact you next week so that a mutually convenient time and date can be decided upon for an interview.




Audrey Owens
(000) 584-2089
Attachment. resume