Patient Access Representative Skills for Resume

By | April 30, 2016

A hiring manager may not have enough time to go through an entire two-page resume, but he will certainly have enough time (and inclination) to assess your candidature through the skills that you mention on your resume. Be fair to yourself and focus on writing a skills section that outlines you as the perfect candidate for any given job.

The skills section on a patient access representative resume charts out what you can do and how you intend to use your skills to contribute to the company’s success. Without highlighting your abilities, you are risking your resume being filed for “later” or worse, thrown away. Five or six bullet points emphasizing why you are such a good choice for a position are sufficient. But make these five or six points talk volumes for you as a viable choice.

To see how skills can be highlighted in a patient access representative resume, take a look at the following list of skills:

Patient Access Representative Skills for Resume

• Highly experienced in facilitating communication between patients, family members and medical staff to ensure positive outcomes
• Demonstrated expertise in interviewing patients or caregivers to identify issues related to care and medical services
• Proficient in determining the right type of health care services for each patient and referring them to appropriate healthcare resources
• Qualified to communicate with referring providers’ offices and clerical departments to exchange necessary information and determine schedules
• Adept at verifying insurance benefits and obtaining pre-certifications along with determining co-pays and deductibles
• Well-versed in gathering and posting patient demographic, billing and clinical information and accurately entering it into hospital registration systems
• Able to effectively assist patients during onsite registration and arrival processes for scheduled and unscheduled visits
• Proven record of efficiently completing patient access processes for both inpatient and outpatient departments
• Track record of effectively communicating payment options and personally connecting patients to financial counselors
• First-hand experience in prioritizing the order of care to ensure that critical patients are seen first