Mental Health Counselor Cover Letter Sample

By | June 19, 2015

Almost every employer demands a cover letter these days. Candidates are often intimidated by the task of furnishing their resume with a complementing cover letter. Although cover letter writing is a demanding task, a cover letter itself is an excellent marketing tool and a golden opportunity to sell one’s candidacy.

Employers and recruiters are short on time. If they have asked for a cover letter, it means that their decision, of whether or not your resume deserves their time, will be pretty much based on the quality of your cover letter. Below are some tips to make your cover letter appealing:

Mental Health Counselor Cover Letter Tips

• Keep it really short, do not exceed one page in length
• Include only relevant experiences and accomplishments
• Adapt your tone according to the culture of the firm you are applying at
• Demonstrate that you are serious and willing to join by asking for an interview

Below is a mental health cover letter sample.


Mental Health Counselor Cover Letter Sample



Martha Gilchrist

246 Yellow Stone Ave • Tampa, FL 56443 • (004) 250-6353 •

March 16, 2018

Mr. Kevin Emanuel
HR Manager
899 Ivory Lane
Tampa, FL 56443


Dear Mr. Emanuel:

As a psychologist who brings a track record of planning and implementing highly effective behavioral interventions to control disruptive behavior in addition to vast experience in performing various community based mental health awareness programs, I am confident that my background and candidacy will interest you regarding your current need of a mental health counselor.

The following skills are a reason to take a closer look at my credentials:

• Expert in mental health assessment and diagnosis
• Apt at determining the best therapeutic intervention suitable based on the client’s personal history
• Useful in implementing CBT and behavioral interventions
• Proven interpersonal and professional relationship fostering skills
• BCLS and CPR certified

Having authored numerous mental health-related research articles published in internationally recognized educational journals, I also have the credit of conducting eight productive psychological health awareness workshops in various communities of Florida. I bring similar zeal and passion to your vacant position of a mental health counselor and look forward to making a difference in lives of your clients immediately upon my hiring.

I would welcome the opportunity for a personal interview to discuss my qualifications further and have also enclosed my resume for your consideration. I will call your office coming Friday to obtain a suitable date and time to suit the purpose. In the meanwhile, may you have any queries regarding my qualification and experience, my digits are (004) 250-6353.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Sincere regards,

Martha Gilchrist

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