Cover Letter for Cable Installer No Experience

By | August 30, 2015

This page contains an entry-level cable installer cover letter along with some excellent cover letter writing tips.

Entry-level candidates often underestimate the importance of a covering letter because they do not have much experience to flaunt. This is a mistake.


A cover letter is not a platform for showcasing your experience; your resume does that quite well.

A Cable Installer cover letter (No Experience) is basically a marketing tool, developed to convince the prospective employers that you possess and offer the job-related skills and are well capable of taking up the roll.

How to Write a Cover Letter for Cable Installer No Experience?

  1. Begin by clearly stating which position you seek and why you are interested in the role.
  2. Summarize the core competencies you offer as they match with the employer’s demands.
  3. Relate your candidacy with the firm and identify how your skills can translate into their profit.
  4. Keep a professional tone, your cover letter must reflect a strong work ethic.

Following is an Entry Level Cable Installer Cover letter.



Cover Letter for Cable Installer No Experience


Mitch Simpson
74 Huston Avenue, Richmond, VA 34450
(004) 777-9565
mitch @ email . com

September 13, 2019

Mr. Frank Robertson
HR Manager
Cable Works
559 Universal Avenue
Richmond, TX 34450


Dear Mr. Robertson:

Having recently completed my high school, followed by a vocational diploma in cable installation, I now fully equipped with the required skills to start my career as a cable installer. Seeing your vacancy announcement for cable installer at prompted me to write this letter and apply for the position since my qualifications are aligned with your needs.

I offer the following strengths:

• Effective skills in interpreting wiring blueprints and following the same

• Well versed in working safely with low voltage equipment

• Familiar with CAT 5 and fiber-optic cabling

• Apt at installing and configuring various telecommunication and network devices

• Proven ability to use wire clips, wall drills, and wire concealers to attain a finished look after cabling

Being a tech-savvy individual with strong interpersonal skills and profound knowledge of networking, RF technology, DISH and CATV, I deem myself the ideal candidate for your cable installer vacancy and look forward to joining your team and start demonstrating my technical potential for the benefit of Cable Works and its clients.

I would appreciate the opportunity of meeting you in person and discuss the prospect in further detail. I intend to give you a follow-up call by the end of this week and possibly to obtain an interview date and time. In case you need to speak earlier, feel free to call me at (004) 875-6232.

Thank you for your time and consideration.




Mitch Simpson