Heavy Equipment Mechanic Cover Letter Sample

By | August 24, 2015


The competition in mechanical field is overwhelming these days which makes getting hired for your dream job quite difficult. An average cover letter to go with your well-built resume is just not enough. In present day scenario where prospective employers are probably receiving hundreds of cover letters and resumes per day, you need a catchy and assertively written cover letter to take you through.

Assertive letters actively address the employers’ current and specific needs with respect to the position at hand. Before you begin writing, research the company. Find out the name of the person who will be reading your letter and also ascertain their exact job requirements. Write your cover letter by focusing on the skills and capabilities. Since the main goal of your cover letter is to get an interview, it is advisable to close your letter with a follow-up plan, clearly requesting for an interview appointment.


Heavy Equipment Mechanic Cover Letter Sample

George Fischer

344 Yale Avenue • Spring, TX 67554 • (005) 666 – 3333 • george @ email . com

August 24th, 2015

Mr. Edgar Harold
HR Manager
66 West Bay Avenue
Spring, TX 67554


Dear Mr. Harold:

With extensive experience in heavy equipment mechanical arena and a 7 years’ track record of consistently reducing the service and maintenance costs of heavy machinery equipment through vigilant preventive maintenance and fine engine tuning, I have all the required skills, knowledge and competence that your advertised Heavy Equipment Mechanic position calls for.

Following is a brief outline of what I offer:

❖ Adept at fault diagnosis and component repair/replacement
❖ Well versed in preventive maintenance, oiling, lubricating and hoisting protocols to enhance longevity of parts
❖ Profound knowledge of various types of engines, transmissions and brake systems and operation of the same
❖ Efficient in service related inventory keeping
❖ Working knowledge of OSHA safety guidelines applicable to onsite and offsite heavy mechanical services

As highlighted above, my profile definitely meets and exceeds your expectations of the ideal candidate. I guarantee that the depth and quality of my experience are well suited for the Heavy Equipment Mechanic position at SISCO and my technical expertise is not only rightly suited for the job but will also bring measurable value to your organization.

I look forward to having an interview with you and will call next week to schedule a suitable appointment. In the interim, my resume is enclosed for your review; please feel free to call me at (005) 666 – 3333 in case you have any questions regarding my background and qualifications.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Sincere regards,

George Fischer

Attached: Resume