Software Developer Resume Objective Statements

By | August 17, 2015

Career objective can best be defined as a resume focusing tool. It is basically the resume section that specifies the exact position you are seeking and presents the exact competencies you are offering. The term resume objective can be misleading since it gives the impression that it must communicate the expectations of the candidate only. While effective resume objectives do state the candidate’s deliberation to work in a certain role for a certain firm, they also highlight the main features of the candidacy, painting a clear picture of what the candidate has to offer in terms of value to the firm.

Modern resumes have replaced the career objective section with a bold and powerful profile summary however there are certain circumstances where one still needs to add a career objective to the resume. Career objectives must be preferred over summaries if the candidate is a beginner or looking for a career switch. If you want to adopt the modern ‘profile summary’ approach while not letting go off the conventional resume objective either, it is a good idea to formulate your objective in a manner that it sounds like a profile summary. However, while a summary only highlights the candidate’s offered skills, a resume objective must also state what role the candidate is seeking.

Below are some software developer resume objective examples for further guidance.

Software Developer Resume Objective Statements

• Systematic, talented IT professional looking for a challenging position as a Software Developer with a progressive firm. Eager to contribute in development of new, user friendly software applications by sharing my breadth of experience and skills in project designing, programing and troubleshooting.

• Intellectually aggressive and highly dedicated IT professional with strong work ethic, specializing in software development. Looking for a challenging position with SOFTHOUSE; expertise includes: system programming, application development and pre-launch testing.

• Accurate, methodical and detail oriented software developer, seeking a position with RNC SOLUTIONS, apt at project phase analysis, debugging, testing and installation. Profound ability to understand client needs and design customized applications to suit specific purposes.

• Tech savvy, result oriented and prudent software developer seeking to attain a challenging role where proven skills in software planning, lifecycle development and troubleshooting could translate in to client satisfaction and company profitability.

• Looking for a full time Software Developer position at COMPTEC, where my relevant qualification and 3+ years of hands on experience combined with expertise in delivering responsive customer support, designing innovative software projects and application optimization could be utilized to enhance productivity of the firm.

• Seeking work with INFOTECH in capacity of a software developer. Offering profound skills in software life cycle monitoring, design development and application pre-testing. Track record of designing and developing user friendly, customized software and troubleshooting the same.