Entry Level Physical Therapy Aide Cover Letter No Experience

By | July 16, 2015

Like all other fields, competition is tough in the physical therapy assistance arena.

Not having relevant experience adds to this difficulty. Entry-level candidates often take cover letter writing as a hassle.


In reality, a Physical Therapy Aide cover letter is a marketing tool. It enhances the chances of entry-level job seekers being hired on the basis of their potential. Your resume might reveal your lack of experience at first glance, but the cover letter does not.

Instead, a Physical Therapy Aide Cover Letter No Experience gives you a golden opportunity to establish a favorable impression of your candidacy before the employer even finds out that you are an entry-level job seeker.

Make it easy for the employer to understand who you are. This can be best achieved by mentioning the specific position you aspire in the opening paragraph.

Explain your interest in the organization and dedicate a few lines in communicating why you wish to join the particular organization.



Below is a physical therapy cover letter sample for candidates with no experience in hand.


PTA Cover Letter No Experience Page Image

Entry Level Physical Therapy Aide Cover Letter No Experience


Alice Kidman
211 Everest Ave
Stanford, CA 65733
(000) 333-2121

September 10, 2019

Mr. Samuel Raymond
HR Manager
883 Breezy Ave
Stanford, CA 65733


Dear Mr. Raymond:

As a fresh and energetic high school graduate with physical therapy certificate from ABC College, I am applying for Physical Therapist Aide position at Biotech.

As indicated in the the attached resume, I am well versed with hot and cold, paraffin-based and electrically aided physical therapies as well as various healing massages. Familiar with manual and electric equipment used to enhance the impact of physiotherapy, I can maximize the effectiveness of your organization. Also, I possess effective skills in developing and maintaining strong professional interpersonal relationships with clients, colleagues, and management.

In addition to merit certification in general physical therapy, my one year long specialization diploma in loco-motor therapy and mobility exercises is currently ongoing which will render me more capable in addressing rehabilitation needs of the paralyzed patients.

I excitedly look forward to an opportunity of speaking with you in person to discuss your needs and my skills further. I will follow up on this application after some days. In the interim, please feel free to contact me at the details given above.

Thank you for your time and consideration.




Alice Kidman