Production Worker Skills for Resume

By | May 24, 2016

Skills can be divided into 3 important sections. This division and a review of it will be able to help you decide which ones you can put into your resume.

People Skills
• Sensitivity to others: Ability to maintain deep concern for the feelings of others and helping as much as possible.
• Insight into others: Comprehension of what makes people react the way they do and showing tolerance.
• Active listening: Providing full attention when listening to someone chart out a plan or a problem.
• Leadership: Ability to communicate project or company goals and visions to others, in a bid to lead them towards achieving it.

Task Skills
• Planning: Setting clear goals and finding resources such as time and materials, to achieve them.
• Time management: Using allocated times efficiently by organizing events and tasks properly.
• Problem solving: Efficiently finding causes of problems and choosing effective solutions.
• Customer focus: Showing concern for customers’ needs and dealing with complaints promptly.

Personal Skills
• Learning: Willingly taking opportunities to learn and showing interest in personal development.
• Goal setting: Capability of taking decisions about what is required and staying committed to the goal.
• Professionalism: Remaining self-controlled in the face of adversities and working towards the best interest of the company.

Can you fit all these into your resume? If not, you will at least be able to pick a few that will get you thinking about your own skills, related to the job. Here is a list of skills for a production worker to give you a head start:

Production Worker Skills for Resume

• Track record of efficiently handling machine calibration and startup duties at the beginning of each shift.
• Hands-one experience in effectively operating production line equipment such as conveyor and assembly lines.
• Highly skilled in monitoring production equipment to ensure that the process is running smoothly and on time.
• First-hand experience in using power tools such as drill machines and soldering irons to weld, drill, solder and attach parts together.
• Effectively able to determine faulty products from the assembly line and remove them promptly to ensure smoothness of the process.
• Competent in inspecting end products to ensure that they are up to quality standards and to isolate and reports ones that do not conform.
• Exceptionally well-versed in affixing labels, company logos and pricing details to end products, according to specified standards.
• Proficient in packing finished goods into appropriate packages and boxes to make them shipment-ready.
• Deep insight into handling preventative and general repair and maintenance work on production machineries and tools.